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Time is often one of the largest cost factors for furniture moving companies. Some heavy-duty moving experts charge by the hour, while others charge by the job. In both cases, the amount of time taken to complete a project will impact the overall cost.

As you budget for your next move, keep this price factor in mind. You may want to hire a few moving services so that you aren’t responsible for every little aspect of the move. Still, it’s wise to get at least three quotes for the same services so that you’ll know what the going rate is for similar services in your area.

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Do some research on the reputation of different moving companies in your area before you choose to work with one or another. Many people warn against hiring just anyone to move your furniture and many movers are legitimate businesses. However, there are those who are simply trying to make a few extra dollars off of your move and you don’t want to be the person who lets them take advantage of you.

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Ask moving company employees about their experience. They may tell you that they’ve been doing furniture moves for years and they’ve always been reliable. However, don’t give them any credibility based on this alone. Ask other consumers about their experiences with furniture movers and find out how long the company has been around. Also, ask for references if you can’t personally see or feel the quality of the movers’ work.

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Find out what kinds of heavy items that movers use when they’re moving your furniture. You need to know if your movers will be packing your furniture according to industry standards. Some movers are only comfortable packing light items such as tablecloths and chairs. Other movers specialize in packing large and bulky items so they can move furniture heavier than most.

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Ask about the process and equipment they will use to move your furniture. If you already have a moving plan, make sure that it is followed exactly to ensure that nothing is missed in the move. Find out what kind of machinery and tools will be used to move large items. Movers who are experienced will be able to give you information about these types of tools and equipment.

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Ask the company if they charge extra for some services offered. It’s not uncommon for some moving companies to offer packing and moving services at an additional cost. You may even find companies offering to drive your furniture to your new home free of charge. These offers aren’t too uncommon. A good moving company should be able to quote you a fair price for their service but don’t forget to ask about hidden costs that may be included in the quoted price.

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Furniture moving shouldn’t be a major issue but it is something that you’ll want to keep in mind when you move your furniture. Make sure to use the tips above to make sure that the movers you choose are experienced and reputable. Once the moving is completed, you’ll be glad you hired movers to take care of your furniture moving needs.