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Moving a refrigerator is an easy and fun job. In fact, there are many moving companies that specialize in moving refrigerators. However, if you do not know how to move a refrigerator safely, your move can turn into a disaster.

Refrigerator moving should start with the most important component of the refrigerator: the compressor. Do not start your move without the compressor. You need this so you can turn the compressor on and get it heated before starting any moving. Make sure the compressor is not hot to burn you or the people helping you move the refrigerator. Refrigerator moving supplies companies usually have moving boxes and blankets with built-in compartments to put the compressor in.

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When you have turned the compressor on, put it in the upright position. Then, close all doors and windows, except for the one you want to open. Leave a window slightly open to allow some air to circulate. Refrigerator moving experts recommend doing this at least two hours before the container is fully defrosted. By doing this, you will have a warm place to work while waiting for the refrigerator moving experts to arrive.

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Next, remove the rubber wheels from the back of your appliance dolly. Remove the rubber wheels until the moving truck is empty. The next step of how to move a refrigerator is to remove any contents of the appliance dolly and any damaged parts.

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After all the contents of the dolly have been removed, you can safely proceed to step 3. That is, cleanup the interior surfaces of the fridge moving truck. This is accomplished using a scraper that has been dipped in penetrating solvent. This helps to lift out the dirt, grease and debris so that the next step of how to move a refrigerator takes place.

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Clean the floor around the truck of any debris and the walls of all the windows. You will need to make sure the floor is dry before you spray the movers with any cleaning solvent or you risk spilling corrosive cleaner on the movers and furniture dolly floors. It is also important that you rinse all the doors and windows of the fridge moving equipment with plenty of clean water.

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The last and most important step in how to move a refrigerator is to plug the appliances back into the mains. You will then be ready to bring your truck and trailer to the new home. When you arrive, the movers will assist you in loading the appliances back into the vehicle. Then you will be ready to plug them back into the mains. If all goes well, the movers will transport your appliances to your new home.

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As long as you follow the basic guidelines of how to move a refrigerator without professional assistance, your job should go without a hitch. This may be a daunting and time-consuming task for someone without moving experience or resources. However, by using the resources that are available on the Internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult. A bit of research and preparation can go a long way towards ensuring that this type of move goes as smoothly as possible.