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Fairlawn Refrigerator Moving

Moving the refrigerator is not that hard, but it will require some preparation and attention. One of the best ways to prepare for moving an appliance is to have a reliable moving checklist that can guide you through the whole process. Refrigerator moving companies offer several moving options to accommodate different types of appliances. All appliances have their own unique moving process, but here are the steps of the most common ones:

* Seal the Door – Refrigerator moving experts use high-pressure water jetting to seal the door of your refrigerator. The pressure seals prevent cool air from entering or leaving the compressor, so no cool air is trapped inside. When air gets in, it increases the Fairlawnrature of the cooler inside, which causes irreversible damage. After the compressor is sealed, the next step is to secure the drain and air out of the compartment.

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* Install the dolly – If you need to move an appliance by yourself, first install the dolly. This allows you to slide the dolly under the refrigerator and place it on the floor in a convenient location. You may choose from either using screws or tying the appliance dolly down with duct tape. * Prepare the Items for Moving – Remove any racks, shelves or other movable parts of the refrigerator. Then remove all of the coolant, hoses, belts and other parts from the compressor.

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* Hook Up the Hose and Belt – Connect the hoses and belt to the compressor. The professionals at moving heavy items use heavy-duty electric motors to hook up and disconnect the hose and belt. Before moving the refrigerator by yourself, consult a professional about the best way to connect and disconnect these important pieces of equipment.

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* Connect Appliances – Place all of the appliances that will be moved inside the refrigerator before moving it. Most movers use special moving equipment that is designed to move individual appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators. Do not forget to turn off and unplug any power cords before moving them. Make sure that all of the doors, windows and other openings are open before the movers begin moving anything. In addition, do not forget to lock all doors and windows when moving your refrigerator by yourself.

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* Move the Door Pan – On the refrigerator moving task, remove the door from the refrigerator. As soon as it is free, lift it out of the frame and set it on the ground in one of the corners. Make sure to secure the edges with duct tape and secure the door to the frame tightly.

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* Wrapping Items Up – After securely positioning the moving appliance on the frame, the movers will use packing tape to wrap up any fragile appliances, dishes and other large items. They may use heavy-duty plastic wrapping sheets for delicate glassware and dishes. As the movers are moving items like this, they will likely break or damage some packaging. In order to protect these fragile items from breakage or damage during the move, consider getting breakable boxes and wrapping them up in these boxes.

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These are some simple tips to consider before a house move. By following these suggestions, you can make your house move a little easier. If you have ever been through a move before, you will know how much more time there is involved than just the actual move. Moving can take up to a month or longer depending on where you move to and how far away everything is from each other. Try to limit the amount of time your house has to be empty so that you can plan around the move properly.