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Furniture moving can be a real chFirestone Parkge for some people. They may not have the proper skills or experience for the task at hand. That’s why it’s important to contact a quality moving company. Here, are a few Furniture Moving Tips for help:

*Pads – An essential part of moving any type of furniture is the use of padding. Whether you are relocating small stuffed animals or large antique pieces, heavy-duty, comfortable pads are a must. Not only do they protect furniture parts from the bottom during transport, but they also give your body relief from unnatural movement. The thickness of the padding is an important consideration when ordering your pad because too thick will cause your body to become uncomfortable. Again, many moving professionals offer free padding with your furniture moving service.

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*Shrink Wrap – Shrink wrap is a great option for many furniture pads. While not originally intended for moving, many shrink wraps have been used for decades in moving and storage. Available in a variety of sizes, most shrink wraps shrink as you move the furniture from location to location. They provide excellent security, as well as comfort and protection for your items. If you’re unsure about which size is best for your move, ask your moving professional.

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*Compression Strain Gauge – Furniture sliders are another important tool for moving heavy furniture. Moving a single large sofa requires the use of a compression gauge. This tool is utilized to determine how much pressure is exerted on each piece. It is critical to choose the right compression gauge for the furniture you plan to move. Many professionals recommend using a compression gauge that is two pounds per square inch.

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*Sleeper Mattress Cover – Moving and storing a new sofa can be a messy proposition. The use of a specially designed sleeper mattress cover will help you minimize damage to your possessions and simplify your move. When selecting your mattress cover, consider how many people will be sleeping on the moving day. Also, make sure to pack your moving supplies so that they can be stored neatly and out of the way once your movers leave.

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* mattress protectors – A mattress protector is a must when moving large furniture. It will protect your expensive bedding from spills and accidental spills. For larger mattresses, a foam mattress protector is recommended. If you are using an old mattress for the move, consider buying a new mattress. You may also want to invest in a king-sized or queen-sized mattress protector.

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* Moving Boxes – Whether you are moving small or large items, it is important to pack your moving boxes properly. Consider packing tape that is designed specifically for moving heavy items. Pack your boxes at least six inches wider and longer than the item(s) being moved. This will ensure that your items will be well protected from bumps, scrapes and crumbs while being transported.

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*Shrink Wrap – When moving furniture disassembled, packing your items in shrink wrap is important. For every inch of furniture that you are disassembling, take the time to place one piece of shrink wrap in each location. Then, tape the shrink wrap to the truck frame securely. Typically, shrink wrap is available in standard sizes, but if you need a specific size or color, simply call your mover’s and they should be able to assist you. Disassembled furniture should be moved in pieces so that you do not risk breakage due to sharp edges. If you are unsure about the position of various items, it is best to have a professional take a look at the area before commencing the move so that everything will be lined up properly.