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Moving a refrigerator is not a very hard process. The only chGreenge will be moving heavy items such as a refrigerator, down stairs. The most common way to move an appliance or large sized refrigerator is to use a dolly. There are several steps that should be followed when moving a refrigerator.

Movers will need a dolly and a truck or van to transport your refrigerator. The dolly is the moving vehicle and it must be large enough to fit all of the things in the refrigerator. You will also need portable furniture sliders on the top of the dolly to help protect the floor. There are many different types of furniture sliders available and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

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Refrigerator moving companies use special equipment to move large appliances safely and easily. Appliance disassembling machines are used during the move so movers can take everything out without having to damage any of the electronic equipment. Property damage insurance will protect the movers if anything was to happen to the equipment.

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Many appliances have an automatic defrost setting which allows the refrigerator to start up and defrost milk when you are ready to use it again. This setting must first be turned off before moving the fridge. Once the defrost setting is turned on the refrigerator will defrost on its own. When moving a fridge this setting must first be disabled then the doors and all moving parts. This will ensure there is no danger with the moving parts breaking down during the move.

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When the refrigerator is empty of milk and other contents the movers will strap the refrigerator’s packing straps down with packing tape. They will then put on a tarp to seal the fridge before positioning it in the new location. The refrigerator should be placed upside down for optimum protection.

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The first item in the new location will need to be the compressor, or dehumidifier. This is used to heat and cool the refrigerator to a desired Greenrature. If a baking soda dispenser is in the original location that will also need to be packed away. These are large bulky items and will only fit in one end of the refrigerator moving boxes.

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Another item that needs to be packed away is the dolly. The dolly will be needed to lift and transport the refrigerators. It can be moved by hand, using a carton or by using special dollies made from heavy duty plastic. If lifting the entire refrigerator this can be a difficult task, so it is wise to have the dolly with them to help move them with at least half the weight.

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After all of the items have been packed and secured, the next step is to position the new refrigerator in the correct location. Once the doors are open, the next step is to clamp down the corners so they cannot swing open while inside the unit. This will help to make the moving process much easier. The last step in moving a refrigerator is to reconnect the electrical wiring and start the thermostat. Once the door is closed and the heating and cooling system are running the new refrigerator should be ready to be placed back into the home.