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Moving a refrigerator can be one of the most difficult kitchen tasks for a homeowner. It requires the utmost care in order to ensure that everything is in working order when you arrive at your new home. Yes, it is possible to move a refrigerator by yourself, but only if you follow these simple steps to moving a refrigerator the proper way. But, if hiring movers to move your refrigerator isn’t an option for you, this Refrigerator Moving Guide could be just what you’re looking for.

The Refrigerator is a device that is used to keep food fresh and delicious. Food cooked in the refrigerator needs to be kept within a certain Macedoniarature in order for it to maintain its perfect texture and flavor. One common problem with appliances such as this is that they are prone to “defrost” after being left on for a certain amount of time. When this happens, the refrigerator becomes an oven and will literally bake the food in seconds! This is where refrigerator moving experts shine!

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If you’re wondering how to move a refrigerator by yourself, the answer lies in using an appliance dolly. Appliance dollies (also called an appliance transportation cart) are made out of heavy-duty plastic and serve one purpose – keeping food from harm! These moving machines allow you to slide the appliance dolly under the refrigerator and then lift it up so that the top of the appliance can free itself from the coils. All that’s left to do is to remove the old unit, place it in the cart, and replace it with the new one.

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Refrigerator Moving is often likened to picking up a big box and dragging it around the house. This analogy is very similar to the one involving hot air balloons. Hot air balloons don’t rise unless there’s a lot of wind, and inversely, a refrigerator does not move unless there’s a strong breeze pushing on it. This means that the best way to move a refrigerator by yourself is to find a professional moving company and let them do all the work. You just have to pay them to do all the heavy lifting! Fortunately, you don’t need a giant industrial vacuum to pump in the dirt; modern moving machinery makes the job easy enough even for a novice!

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Perhaps you’ve heard of people using “moving straps” or “moving blankets” to help them move appliances such as refrigerators. These accessories consist of large cotton cloths that are placed directly underneath the refrigerator’s wheels. The cloth’s elasticity allows it to expand along the coils, so it can’t dig into the interior of the appliance. Thus, when movers start tearing the appliance apart, the moving straps or blankets hold it from slipping away.

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If you’re thinking of hiring movers anyway, you might want to take a look at one of these moving blankets. These blankets make it very easy for a professional to remove and set the refrigerator on its side. The moving straps secure the appliance firmly in place, preventing any slippage or damage to your property. The blankets are also useful if you have broken appliance parts, such as the refrigerator’s door or knobs. They make it very simple to remove small pieces of damaged glass, allowing your home repairs to begin immediately.

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To pack your appliances, you’ll need at least two boxes, one for loose items and one for packing the frozen goods in. If you’re worried about your refrigerator’s condition, don’t throw away the packing tape. Keep it in your cabinet, and use it to plug in your AC unit and heater, too. That way, you won’t have to use the ratchet straps to pull the refrigerator down, since they will be too weak to get the refrigerator up on its own.

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After the moving is done, you should put your refrigerator’s back in their new location. This will keep them working properly so you don’t need to go through the process of defrosting them. It will also give you time to work out a new place for your food and dishes or get them stored in boxes for a while until you have everything ready again. Now that your fridge is protected from all the elements, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last a few more years in its new, comfortable location.