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Refrigerator Moving is quite an easy job to do. Yet, for many people the refrigerator is a big and heavy item to move. For this reason, they enlist the help of professionals to help with the move. Here are some of the steps to take to make sure that your refrigerator will be safe during the move.

Check and See That Your Refrigerator Is Ready For The Move First of all, check that all of the wiring has been removed from the refrigerator. You can usually notice the wiring and the door from where you removed it by simply looking. Now it is time to start checking the pieces that are inside the refrigerator so you can see if they need to be cleaned up or saved. There are some things that can cause damage in the moving process that may not be seen immediately like dripping interior pieces. Check this as well with the help of the movers.

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Clean Up Your Kitchen Appliance Before the movers begin your move, have them clear the entire space so there is no food or cooking material that can spill or be ingested. Use heavy duty plastic sheeting to cover the floor area and any table that are on the ground. This will prevent spillage and potential damage that could happen from food falling onto the floor.

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Defrost It Before You Start Moving Next, when the refrigerator is moved, it is important to defrost it before starting the move. You can do this easily by turning on the defrost setting in the freezer. After doing so, leave the door open for ventilation and the fridge to defrost.

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Use Floor Protection Technique Before starting the move, make sure that all of the doors and any possible points of impact are secure. Use heavy duty staples or heavy duty tape to seal the walls and any exposed floor areas. This will prevent any moisture or water from seeping in. It will also help in keeping rodents away from the refrigerator while you are working to get it moving.

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Using a Dolly If you have a trailer, then using a dolly will make transporting the fridge easier and less time-consuming. Using a dolly will allow you to access the fridge more easily without having to climb over or ladder it. There are many different types of dollies available, so look around and see which style is most appropriate for your move. Make sure that you pack your dolly properly to protect it from nasty scratches and bumps during transportation.

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Getting it to the new location Once you have the dolly, the next step is to remove the old refrigeration unit. This can be done quickly with the help of a flat head screwdriver or utility knife. The first step is to take off the valve arm (which hangs down from the top of the refrigerator) by unscrewing it and then pulling it straight up.

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Get Your Appliance Ready For Packing Refrigerator Moving is a very easy process. However, it does require some preparation on your part in order to get it going that much faster. This information on moving trucks and appliances will get you started in the right direction.