When your senior family members have decided that the time has come to downsize from their home to a smaller house or specialized care facility, they are not overwhelmed or stressed. This is not because senior moving is something to be taken lightly, but because they have trust in Move It Now | Akron to handle their move.

Our company has pride in being the best choice for senior relocation. We respect everyone’s needs and age. It is with the utmost care that we pack, unpack, and organize your move. If you are organizing a move on behalf of a senior family member, call us today to get a free moving estimate.

Senior Relocation in Akron & Summit County , OH with Move It Now | Akron

“Senior” doesn’t have a hard definition as it can refer to those who are retired from the workforce or those within a specific age range. According to Medicare, seniors are older adults at least 65 years old while senior living communities in Akron and Summit County , OH usually accept adults who are at least 55. Whether you’re preparing to downsize or you are helping an aging loved one move into a new home or even an assisted living facility, full-service senior movers in Summit County and Akron can make the relocation safe, easy, and stress-free.

Senior moves can be challenging because they usually require a full-service senior moving company in Akron and Summit County to not only load and unload belongings but also assist with packing, decluttering, and storage. Not all moving companies are equipped to deliver all of these services with the level of compassion and understanding that older adults need during an emotionally challenging relocation. At Move It Now | Akron Company, we understand how difficult these moves can be and our senior movers have the training, experience, and compassion to deliver unbeatable customer care from beginning to end

Why Do Seniors Use Summit County & Akron Senior Moving Companies?

Seniors may move for many of the same reasons as younger adults such as moving for employment but many older adults have unique reasons to transition to a new home or city. About 40% of seniors move to be closer to loved ones but an improved quality of life in retirement, health reasons, and downsizing are also common reasons to hire senior movers in Akron and Summit County , OH.

Considerations When Using Akron & Summit County Senior Movers

What makes a senior relocation different than a regular household move? For older adults, moving can be extremely emotional and psychologically challenging, especially when a move is prompted by health or financial reasons or the senior has lived in their home for many years. When a senior is downsizing into a smaller house, townhome, or assisted living facility, they’re also facing downsizing their belongings and parting with many items to which they are strongly attached. These challenges make it crucial to choose compassionate senior movers in Summit County and Akron, OH who can make a difficult situation safer and easier.

Senior moves are typically full-service moves as older adults may need assistance with every stage of their relocation including packing, loading/unloading, transportation, and furniture assembly. Many senior moving companies in Summit County & Akron also offer storage solutions for adults who aren’t ready to let go of belongings while downsizing. If you are hiring a Akron or Summit County senior moving company for a loved one, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one will be taken care of during every step of the move so they can avoid any heavy lifting or difficult packing.

Top Reasons to Hire a Senior Moving Company in Akron & Summit County

An affordable Akron & Summit County senior moving company can make relocating safer, easier, and less stressful with tailored senior relocation services. Whether you are hiring movers for yourself or an aging parent or loved one, moving help for senior citizens comes with many benefits and specialized services that extend beyond loading and unloading.

Certainly, many seniors are able to contribute a lot to relocation and may want to help or completely handle all of the decluttering and packing but some older adults need help with these tasks. After all, moving can be emotionally challenging even without the planning and organization it requires. Many families and older adults choose senior movers in Summit County & Akron, OH to get help with every stage of the move to make the process safer and more comfortable.

Choosing the Best Senior Movers in Akron & Summit County

If you’re hiring movers to help a loved one relocate, you want to be sure you’re choosing a company you can trust, not only to deliver a safe and efficient experience but also to help your loved one feel comfortable. Keep in mind that moves for seniors can come with special challenges and most require a full-service senior moving company in Summit County or Akron, OH.

If you or your loved one need full-service senior movers in Akron & Summit County , OH, look no further than Move It Now | Akron Company, a trusted senior moving company with a proven track record. Contact us today to request your free moving estimate!