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Moving the refrigerator is not a tough job. All you need to do is to ensure that all screws and pipes are well attached with the walls and then simply unpack it and place it in the vacant space provided on the truck of your new home. If you are a new homeowner, you will find yourself faced with the same problem when choosing the movers for moving the fridge. But with a little help from some professionals, this job can be done easily.

Refrigerator moving needs special attention. There are two main types of moving a fridge. One is where you have to do it yourself by yourself using the right tool and the other one is where the service company comes to move it for you. Refrigerator moving services are preferred by many homeowners because they are experts in the field.

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If you have never heard about moving a refrigerator, it is quite different from moving other heavy appliances. Refrigerator is among those high tech gadgets which needs special care while moving it from one place to another. Professionals are aware of all the small as well as big details on how to move a fridge and they use these skills to pack, secure and carry the fridge carefully.

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If you are planning to hire professional movers for refrigerator moving, you should plan beforehand the complete process of the packing process and the transport of your precious fridges. When you discuss with movers, you must give them a rough idea about how much weight the refrigerator will carry. They will provide you the appropriate cartons and also inform you about the padding that they will use to pack it. It is better to take the help of an expert rather than doing it yourself. A trained person can also secure the fragile fridges more effectively.

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The second step on how to move a refrigerator is getting the moving tools. These include the box lift, forklift, pallet, heavy items carrier, furniture sliders and cranes. You should call up a professional and ask him to visit your home so that he can survey the interior of your house and decide on the suitable moving method. You should also provide him with the measurements of the space where you want to shift it and advise him about the type of cartons and trays you will use. You can also give him the packing list so that he can coordinate all the aspects of packing with the packing process.

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The third step on how to move a refrigerator is securing the appliance to the ground with the help of heavy furniture sliders. The main advantage of these furniture sliders is that it prevents your refrigerator from moving sideways. The most difficult part in moving a refrigerator is removing the ice box and the cooling coils from the back. For this, the movers to use a screw gun to break the sealing and remove the ice box from the back. The heat protecting coils are next, followed by the filters and the electrical connections. All these appliances are secured in a polyethylene sheet which is then tied together using duct tape.

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Refrigerator Mover will suggest you three ways for you to pack your appliance. The first one is an upright arrangement which places the refrigerator on top of the upright. Then you can put the side doors facing down and then you can stack the upright refrigerators against each other and you can even close the doors at the top. Another option is to place the refrigerator on the floor and to place the side doors facing down and then you can stack the upright refrigerators against each other and you can even close the doors at the top.

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Finally Refrigerator Moving will provide you with several packing options. One of these options will be a vertical stand-up refrigerator which is popularly known as the ‘trolley refrigerator’. The other packing option includes placing the refrigerator on an inclined plane. Finally, if you are moving your refrigerator by lifting it up on casters, you should select one that is made up of aluminum, which is stronger than the traditional steel.