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Moving day can be stressful on your refrigerator. You can’t wait until the last minute to figure out what to do with all of those leftover foods. No matter how much time you have, you still have to find time to pack everything up and load it into the truck or trailer that’s going to be moving. Here’s a handy moving checklist for Ohio moving professionals so that you don’t have to worry about anything when it’s time to unload your things.

What to Do with the Refrigerator Before you call a moving company, it’s a good idea to get rid of the contents of your refrigerator. If there’s any food left in there, throw it away immediately. Don’t forget to take any items with you that you want to keep, such as canned goods, coffee mugs and glasses. Call your moving company for further instructions on how to properly dispose of any non-food items.

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Make a packing list. Your moving company should be able to provide you one. Include on your list: the make and model of your refrigerator, a list of contents, and a list of your items in order from top to bottom. If you’re using a carton or plastic container, label it as well so that you’ll know what items belong where when the movers arrive.

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Loading and Unloading the Refrigerator You may find it helpful to use an overhead moving truck to load and unload your refrigerator. If not, try placing the refrigerator on the ground. Start by opening the door of the refrigerator on the upper level and moving toward the door on the lower level. On the way out, be sure to empty any coolant lines from the refrigerator.

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If At Any Time You May Lose Power While power is sometimes an issue during a move, it’s important to have a reliable source of power during the start of the move. If your refrigerator is connected to a gas line, call a gas supply company for moving help. For electricity, many people find that a local electrical company will do the job. As always, check with your moving company before beginning the move to ensure they have all the relevant contact information.

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Moving Your Appliances One of the major complications of moving an appliance is that it’s heavy. It’s usually recommended that appliances be moved using furniture blankets. Furniture blankets are flat, strong blankets that are wrapped around the moving appliance and other components. They prevent damage to the appliance, reduce noise, and offer extra padding. There are specialty moving blankets available for extremely heavy items like washing machines or dryers. Before the moving company arrives, you can place the furniture blankets on top of the appliance to ensure it doesn’t move while it’s being moved.

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If you need some help with the move, contact the professional movers. They’ll be able to give you some tips and advice about moving appliances or anything else you might need. They’ll also be able to get you in contact with the right professionals for maintaining and repairing any damage you encounter during the move.

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Moving Your Appliances is a big job and requires preparation and careful planning. Make sure you are ready to address any concerns before the big day. Contact the moving truck company well in advance to make sure they have the appropriate equipment and staff to handle the move.