While we are exceptionally proud of our Akron moving services at the local level, Move It Now | Akron is truly a national and international moving company. Thanks to our dedicated long distance division, we are able to provide the same level of care, service and excellence for long distance moves as we provide to our local Akron customers.

Whether you’re moving to another part of Ohio, across state lines, or even overseas, we have the resources and manpower to facilitate all the details of your move from beginning to end. Your moving coordinator will advise you on any special details involved in your long distance move, to make sure you’re fully prepared when moving day arrives. We also provide quality packing services, and even a secure storage facility under 24-hour surveillance in case you can’t bring everything with you on your new adventure. And because every one of our moving staff is full-time and trained by us at our special training facility, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands from beginning to end.

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Perhaps the greatest advantage of our long-distance moving service is that we don’t have to broker your move to an interstate or international affiliate. With Move It Now | Akron, our chain of custody remains intact from your starting point to your endpoint. This means that the same company you trusted to pack and load your belongings is the same company that delivers them to your new place—namely, us! You’ll even have the same movers on both ends of the move.

Because your property is going to travel a good distance out of the metro Summit County area within Ohio or outside of it, Move It Now | Akron shrink wraps and pads all delicate property such as furniture, to avoid damaging your house when leaving, or your assets. As a fully licensed and insured moving company, we take every precaution to ensure 100% consistency and safe, effective, timely transport and setup. We even offer packing services if you want to remain hands-off the entire process. Our employees must pass rigorous training in tight-spaces, 2-story moving, and unique situations to assess test, and develop them into the experts which will arrive at your residence. See why thousands have trusted Move It Now | Akron with their precious cargo.

What Is a Long-Distance Move in Akron & Summit County , OH?

What is a long-distance move? These moves aren’t just longer than a typical local relocation; they fall under federal regulations when they cross state lines. A move of more than 50 or 100 miles is considered a long-distance move in Summit County and Akron. An interstate move is a relocation that crosses state lines. Even if you are only relocating a few miles, you will need a licensed cross country moving company in Akron or Summit County to handle your relocation.

You may have very different reasons for embarking on a long cross-country or interstate move compared to a move within the same city. A local move is more likely to be related to buying a home, changes in the household, or changing jobs. When you hire long distance movers in Summit County or Akron, it may be because you’re ready to start your own household and leave your hometown. You might be finally ready to retire and move somewhere you’ve always dreamed of living. You may simply be in search of a lower cost of living or you’re ready to attend college.
With Move It Now | Akron Company, you can trust one of the best interstate moving companies in Akron and Summit County , OH to get you there without the stress and heavy lifting.

How to Move Across the Country with Move It Now | Akron Company

Once you know you’re going to move across the country, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where you should even start. Here’s one of the top moving cross country tips to make your moving experience stress-free and easy: hire professional interstate movers in Summit County & Akron who can help you through every step of your relocation. Trained movers have the experience, training, and equipment needed to overcome logistical problems, plan, and execute a seamless move. With our full-service long distance movers in Akron and Summit County , you can rest easy knowing everything will make it on time. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

Summit County & Akron Long Distance Moving Quotes | How Much Do Movers Cost in Summit County & Akron?

Long-distance relocation can be daunting enough without considering the cost. Many people in the early stages of a transition wonder if they can even afford to hire a professional Akron & Summit County long-distance moving company. How much does it cost to hire cross country movers in Akron or Summit County , OH? The good news is it’s not as much as you think! This is because you can adjust many of the factors that influence your rate and get the help you need within your budget.
As a general rule, Summit County & Akron long-distance movers charge a flat-rate for long-haul relocations. Many factors may affect your long-distance moving quotes in Akron and Summit County , some in your control and some out of your control. If you are able to make minor adjustments or change the level of service you receive, you can make it even more affordable to get help from moving specialists.

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Don’t be swayed by cost alone when choosing the best Summit County & Akron interstate moving company. After all, professional movers are an investment in an easy, efficient, and hassle-free move. To achieve this, you want long-distance movers who have the experience, training, and level of customer service you deserve. You want a company you can trust to meet their obligations, safeguard your belongings, and help if anything goes wrong.

Choosing the Best Long Distance Movers in Akron & Summit County

From meticulous planning to impeccable execution, our dedicated team is unwavering in our commitment to ensuring that your long-distance move is a hassle-free journey. We understand that venturing into new territory can be a daunting task, filled with uncertainties and apprehensions. That’s precisely why we’re here—to provide you with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. Move It Now | Akron takes immense pride in being the trusted option for long-distance moves in Akron & Summit County , guaranteeing a smooth transition to your new chapter in life. Our seasoned professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a proven track record of delighted customers exemplify our dedication to excellence. You can confidently entrust us with your move, knowing that your cherished belongings will reach your new destination intact and right on schedule.